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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 23, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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review, he did not show any remorse when he had a chance to speak for the crime police say he confessed to committing. >> reporter: newly released charging documents paint a gruesome picture of an attack that left 59-year-old martin reyes dead. police say 19-year-old jermaine holley beat him in the head and the reason is just as alarming. holley revealed in a taped conversation that he has a hatred toward mexican. >> reporter: during the interview with the judge, he said they were not heinous. he went on to say, quote, you don't know why i did what i did. >> the judge called the act utterly vicious! these is the latest in several incidents that we believe may be targeting hispanics. >> the latest was in past weeks. they all happened just blocks from patterson park. last week, a girl shot and
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robbed two hispanic men, one of whom died on saturday. >> even if they get robbed or beaten, they don't complain about it. >> the problem goes beyond the bloodshed. he says it makes them reluctant to report crimes. now, spanish-speaking officers are going door to door to drive the fears away. >> reporter: being a victim of crime is race and culturally- neutral. they'll be prosecuted. and your immigration status won't matter at all. >> that's a federal issue. all we're here to do is to prevent people from getting killed and hurt. >> reporter: and jermaine holley's mother says her son is both schizophrenic and bipolar. today, a judge did order a psychological review. weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> court records show holley was serving three years probation for a drug violation at the time of the violence.
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we're at davidsonville road and ferilville road in crofton, anne arundel county. very serious accident between a pickup truck and a sedan occurred. the sedan apparently rolled over, at least partially, onto its side. they had to -- at least one person we know inside this vehicle was trapped for a short period of time. very serious injury here. but at this point, we're not clear how many people have been transported to the hospital. we do have anne arundel county police on the scene. they do have davidsonville road closed about half a mile either side of farrell, there is no word on detours at this point. back to you on tv hill. >> thank you, captain mike perry, reporting live. silence from one of the d.c. snipers tonight. just weeks ago, lee boyd malvo and john allen muhammad claim they shot more people than police know about. but now, he won't talk with investigators. >> reporter: lee boyd malvo did a lot of talking to a&e host
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and actor william shatner, claiming he and john allen muhammad shot 42 people across the country. the murder of an arizona golfer, one of the first. >> he didn't die immediately. he fell. >> reporter: right now, the d.c. snipers are only linked to 27 shootings, including 10 fatal attacks in our area in 2002. montgomery county police decided to reopen the case this month to see if the pair is responsible for 15 more violent attacks. >> obviously with this claim that recently claim out by malvo on this show that was nationally televised, we have the responsibility to fully follow-up. >> reporter: but late word, malvo is refusing to meet with montgomery county detectives. and malvo won't give them permission to talk to a psychiatrist, who says malvo told them the same information, including that others were involved. >> there wera, in fact, at -- were, in fact, at least three other coconspirators. i was in shock when he told me. >> reporter: even though
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montgomery county police are frustrated that malvo won't talk with them, they say they don't have any open cases related to the d.c. snipers in that area. john allen muhammad was executed in virginia. malvo is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole. >> there's another camera keeping an eye on maryland drivers tonight. and its goal is to keep students safe. adam is in the newsroom with more on cameras on the frederick county school bus. the next time you speed past a stopped school bus, prepare to have your picture taken. they have installed cameras on some buses that will catch speeding drivers. the two camera systems can catch a driver's front and back license plate, the time, date, and gps of the car. now, you won't get a ticket if the cameras capture your car. but school officials hope that getting that picture in the mail will have an impact on driver behavior. kai, back to you.
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>> drivers could get a ticket if a police officer spots them speeding past a stopped school bus. it is over, officially. tiger woods and his wife are now divorced. the news comes nine months after the cheating scandal that rocked the golfer's career. kendis gibson has details of the split for wjz. >> reporter: tiger woods and his wife elin announced today they have officially divorced. woods spent parts of the last nine months, in rehab, in counseling, and even in public, apologizing for his affairs. but it was not enough to save his marriage. the couple released a statement saying, we are sad that our marriage is over. we wish each other the very best for the future. >> reporter: some legal experts estimate that elin will get upwards of $100 million. >> this is hush money. and the rationalization is that look, you have to pay out anyway, pay a little extra for
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hush money. >> reporter: several alleged mistresses came forward. woods took a break from golf as many of his multimillion dollar sponsors dropped him. he took time from a rehab stay to make this public apology. >> i know i have bitterly disappointed all of you. >> reporter: by the time he returned to golf this spring, his game was off. he hit a low point at the tournament in philadelphia. woods failed to break par for the first time in 11 years. that same weekend, the couple sign there'd marital sentiment. the couple indicated they will share custody of their 3-year- old and 10-month-old children, saying their happiness is of paramount importance. kendis gibson, cbs news. >> tiger and elin were married for six years. a sunny start to the workweek. let's take a live look outside now. there is a chance of evening rain as we move into the evening. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage.
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meteorologist tim williams is tracking live doppler radar. and hurricane danielle is now formed in the atlantic. >> first things first. we'll show you live doppler radar and show us that some of us are starting to see light showers. they are really out. moving in across the state line from pennsylvania. hagerstown toward the metro. then you're starting to see some forming out toward cumberland. and that is something we'll be dealing with. better chance of rain will be tonight into tomorrow. tomorrow's temperatures as a result of the cool rain. and block out of the sun cooling off. we'll number -- be in the 70s. we're talking about tropics. hurricane danielle, as of the 5:00 update. category 1 storm with 75-mile- per-hour winds. moving to the west/northwest at 17 miles per hour. and just around 3:00, 1320 miles to the east of the lesser antilles island.
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expect it to become a category 2 or 3 storm. but it is moving to the north. early projections are that they will not affect the main land. bermuda could be affected in the next 24 to 48 hours. we'll have your complete updated first warning forecast in a few moments. the heavyweights stand toe to toe in another round of polling. wjz is live. political reporter pat warren has the latest on the race between democrat martin o'malley and challenger eric. -- ehrlich. >> they are hitting the campaign trails hard, but the polls don't seem to be moving must -- moving much. >> the race seems tied between the democrat incumbent and the republican challenger. >> this is a poll where they
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were there. we have not bought any ad time with television yet. so clearly the voters are upset. >> this is the first to include leaners, people who are leaning toward one candidate but not definite. and it shows them tied at 47%. >> the polls are so strong. the money is coming in very strong. >> reporter: in fact, ehrlich has raced fewer dollars than o'malley but from more donors, which he considers a tell in the way many voters are thinking. >> typically, these come in with explanations. dear governor, i'm on a fixed income, that kind of stuff. so those are the checks that mean the most. >> reporter: the democratic party accuses the rasmussen firm of doing its best. this is nothing more than a smoke screen to distract voters, it says. but matthew censon sees other polls reporting similar splits.
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>> i haven't seen one yet, in which the spread between the two of them exceeded the margin of error. and that's not good for the governor. he should have a lead going into this election. >> reporter: o'malley's campaign spokesman tells eyewitness news, the governor's support has been very strong and sustained. we have significant momentum and strong support, heading into the final months of the campaign, he says. >> now, you can expect to see ehrlich commercials hitting the air. >> the primary november 14th. general election, november 2nd. school in upper marl marlboro, prince george's county. prince george's county school system is touting the new building as an environmentally friendly green school. >> i did not know there were six across the country. >> i did not know that.
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bad eggs. half a million recalled. could even more be pulled from store shelves? and the fda isn't doing enough about the problem. parents, if you just bought children's jewelry, listen up, they may have excessive amounts of lead in them. two were cited for selling them. i'm andrea fujii. wjz eyewitness news. i'm ron matz, at lexington market. the new zagat guide is out. what is hot on the restaurant scene? the story coming up here on wjz. clouds moving in. the updated first warning forecast. as meteorologist tim williams is coming up. ,,,,
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bee happy. bee healthy.
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tonight. the biggest egg recall in
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history could soon grow. the fda is trying to get to the bottom of the salmonella scare that has taken millions off the market. food safety officials admit there may be more eggs tainted with salmonella out there on the market. the fda is asking for stronger enforcement powers, so it can prevent outbreaks, not just respond to them. new food safety rules out there this summer are only a start. >> these could improve for the first time. very rigorous and specific safety standards. >> the egg industry has consolidated. >> the half billion eggs covered by this recall comes
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from just two iowa companies. the two companies share a common link. owner and supplier, austin jack decoster. a businessman with an often troubled legal history. rice blamed him for some of the, phot, most heinous violations he's ever seen. and early ther year, he paid a fine, after workers were caught mistreating a chicken in maine. clearly, this company was cutting corners in lots of areas, including food safety. >> in new york, alexis christoforous, wjz eyewitness news. it could take investigators months to figure out how the eggs got contaminated with salmonella in the first place. if you're waiting for someone to get home from work,
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let's check the roads with sharon gibala. pretty heavy delays to contend with. but not too many. we still have the water problem. 245 remains closed between the alameda and leaf walk. watch for a wreck on 40. another in crofton. that is at davidsonville road. as far as delays i mentioned go, you will find them on the beltway. six minutes there. you can see the speed sensors get down to 15 miles an hour in some spots. west side inner loop, not getting any better. 28 empties empties with an average speed of 28 miles an hour. this is a new problem coming into us. this is a look at frederick road. and a delay. this traffic report is brought to you by subway.
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get freshly brewed seattle's best coffee, too. back over to you. the most, ron matz has more on what you're saying about the local restaurant scene. >> reporter: from steaks to crab cakes to italian. baltimoreans have their favorite. >> crab cake, fish. >> the new zagat guide profiles restaurants. we have it at world famous lexington market. >> even though there's great restaurants here, this is the place that says to me baltimore. the advertisement that you get from the zagat review is priceless. >> and what's more baltimore
5:19 pm
than a crab cake? >> i make every one by hand. the crab meat is not dumped in a bowl and mixed with a spoon and dumped out. >> the mayor talked about the ever-expanding baltimore restaurant scene. >> we have such a variety of restaurants. you know, home grown places with real baltimore flavor that people will get a chance to see. >> the crab cakes have gone all over the world. and i promoted the city of baltimore and the state of maryland in germany, england, holland. and i would travel over there and take crabs and introduce them to the chesapeake bay. >> reporter: some around the world to charm city. a famous author and a stamp of approval on a baltimore favorite. and the couple who has been together for 53 years. >> what's your secret? >> oh. >> to saying yes? >> ron matz, wjz eyewitness news.
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>> when 6,000 local diners submitted their reviews about baltimore area restaurants. for more information, log onto our website, gentlemen, you're both husbands. did you hear his answer? you say yes, a lot, right? >> i take the fifth. >> i don't know if i like that. we'll have to work on that. [ laughter ] >> have to be quiet. >> works, too. staying quiet and nodding your head. we'll take that. >> we will definitely nod our head on this forecast as it heads into the week. 82 degrees right now. not a bad afternoon. 47% relative humidity. calm winds and the barometer now steady at 29.85. we'll talk about your week hade. gets pretty warm heading into the next few days in a few moments. ,,
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[ male announcer ] like the new double baconead & cheese omelet sandwich!! they're all new. toasty, tasty, and made to your order. so come and build your better breakfast today, at subway! as woo -- we take a look right now over pretty calm baltimore metro areas. we see a lot of cloud cover out there. and sun peeking through. rays nicely piercing the clouds there. and that's what we're dealing with all along.
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when the sun comes out, things have warmed up nicely. we're at 82 degrees. bwi, thurgood marshall. temperatures in the 70s. and as you just saw in first warning doppler radar, it shows some light shower activity out of the corridor, heading out to washington county over toward cumberland and allegheny counties. temperature down in the 78- degree range. 83 in patuxent river. and 77 in elkton. 77 in cumberland. and rain has come down. just a few light showers over the last few hours. no rhyme intended there. few showers coming from the east. in elkton. it's that northeasterly component that will keep us well above average. cooler air from the northern direction. east bringing in cooler air off the water. and that combination is going to keepinous the 70s over the-- keep us in the 70s over the next few days. tomorrow, actually, we could be
5:25 pm
in the 60s for much of the day early on. it's going to be damp off and on. but no washout of your plants. we are close enough to dryer air and high pressure just sitting over the great lakes that when we do get those breaks in the clouds, we get the sunshine right on through. and things do heat up for a little bit. but low pressure, sitting just off the new england coastline is providing this spin here. and that's what's bringing this wave after wave of light shower activity moving on through. but what we're going to be keeping an eye on, and what we're focused on right now, this low, this tracking along the coastline, is going to move just close enough that it's going to kick in the ocean moisture. back here late tonight and into tomorrow. not rail getting out -- really getting out of here until wednesday. and i said we'd warm up. but really for one more day. temperatures heading into the upper 80s. and then we cool down again into the low 80s. danielle, now a category 1 storm. 75-mile-per-hour winds, moving to the west/northwest. expect it to be a category 3
5:26 pm
storm. this is the second storm now, second hurricane of the atlantic season this year. so we'll keep an eye on that. not expected to impact the mainland. bermuda is the only real rand land in its sites today. small craft advisory. next high tide is fort mchenry. mostly cloudy, a shower, thunderstorm. just widely scattered. 72 tomorrow. cooler with occasional rain and drizzle. >> that's our hot. that's amazing in august. >> we'll enjoy it. >> while we can. >> thanks, tim. still ahead at 5:00. from police officer to suspect. a deadly hostage situation in the philippines. now, authorities say an ex- officer is responsible. accused death of the king of pop, dr. conrad murray back in court. what's next in the case against him. rethinking your diet. it's not all about what you eat
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5:29. 82 degrees and mostly cloudy. good evening. thank you for staying with eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. as families continue their back- to-school shopping, parents should be where?
5:30 pm
two baltimore stores have been cited for selling children's jewelry, with the dangerous levels of lead. this healthwatch report, andrea fujii explains, the dangers lead can pose to children. >> reporter: they seem innocent enough. a purple crown bracelet and a princess and the frog jewelry set. but the health department has found that both contain excessive amounts of lead. >> this came back really high. and this is why we need to make sure they stop selling it. >> reporter: new requirements require lead to be less than 1/00s -- 3/100ths per million. and the one was 395 parts per million. both stores have been cited and the items are off store
5:31 pm
shelves. >> reporter: excessive exposure to lead can lead to serious illness, neurological problems or even death. and young children are the most susceptible. >> kids play with them. but they also put nem -- them in their mouth. and that's when they will be ingesting the lead. >> reporter: the health department also tests children's jewelry every month. 396 items have been tested. 49 were contained to have illegal amounts of lead. they say without testing, there is no way for parents to know if their children's jewelry contains lead. >> we hate to say, don't buy any jewelry, kids jewelry, but this is why we're out there, trying to cover as much as possible. >> andrea fujii, wjz eyewitness news. >> in 2008, 468 baltimore children tested positive for lead poisoning, mostly due to exposure to lead paint in homes. wjz tried contacting both stores for comment but did not receive response. for more information, log onto
5:32 pm an unusual crime under investigation tonight. in allegheny county. that's what police say a man is accused of killing his brother with an accident. he was found dead inside a trailered in the trailer he shared with his brother mark. court records show he has a mystery of mental illness. he now faces first-degree murder charges. agreed to pay over $52 million to victims. >> san francisco's based u.s. corporation didn't know about the design on the bridge that caused it to collapse. about 100 accused them of missing warning signs that could have prevented that tragedy. the company agreed to pay more than $52 million to victims and
5:33 pm
families. this avoids a trial for next spring. the company admits no fault in this. 13 people died. 145 others were injured in that bridge collapse. the doctor charged in michael jackson's death was back in a los angeles court today. for a scheduled hearing. the judge has scheduled a preliminary hearing for dr. conrad murray to begin january 4th. prosecutors will lay out some of the evidence at that. murray has pled not guilty to involuntary manslaughter in michael jackson's death. we have breaking news in north carolina. former marine corporal cesar laurean has been convicted of murder. laurean was found guilty of killing fellow marine maria lauterbach. her remains were found in his backyard. he was pregnant at the time.
5:34 pm
laurean was sentenced to prison without parole. day-long standoff is now over. charlie d'agata has details of the siege. >> reporter: philippine police commandos slashed. tryingtry for a bus which held tourists hostage. then the gunmen inside opened fire. a 14-year-old boy watching the drama was wounded. sharp shooters scrambled, then crept closer and surrounded the bus again. a gunfight broke out and the hostage taker fell out of the front door of the bus, dead. police helped terrified hostages crawl to safety. but at least six hostages were killed. the day-long standoff began when a fired police officer, armed with an m-16, hijacked the tour bus, and demanded cops
5:35 pm
give him his job back. the ex-police captain identified as 55-year-old rolando mendoza, released nine hostages, including women and children. he threatened to kill the remaining hostages in a live phone interview with a local radio station. so s.w.a.t. teams moved in. they killed the gunman. but not in time to save several hostages. charlie d'agata, wjz eyewitness news. >> the gunman had reportedly been fired from the police force for extortion. and because of it, it lost its retirement benefits. scientists may have discovered a way to reverse the signs of dementia. they say a protein, which is already used to treat cancer appears to do the same for alzheimer's disease. early tests on mice with memory loss found those with lost memory regained much of it just in 14 days. more research is needed to determine if people will get the same benefit.
5:36 pm
and more teens are getting vaccines. more than 40% of girls have received at least one dose of the hpv vaccine. is a vis rus that causes cervical and other cancers. also, almost half of teens receive a vaccine that protects against bacterial meningitis. doctors say the answer might be right in your own home. manuel gallegus reports for wjz. we all know water is good for us. >> i'm a runner. and i play soccer my whole life. hydration has been important. >> reporter: now there's even better news. drinking water helps shed pounds, too. >> reporter: researchers show drinking two eight-ounce glasses of water makes us eat less. about 75 calories less. day after day, it adds up.
5:37 pm
dieters who drank water before meals three times a day, lost about five pounds more than those who didn't. >> reporter: it seems logical that water can help fill us up and curb our appetite. but until now, there has been little scientific information to back it up. >> this is an inexpensive way to help with the obesity epidemic. >> reporter: it can also help with your appetite. but tara miller says they don't have the other benefits of water. >> water, because of the hydration, can also help you with other goals you might have. like headaches, fatigue, irritability. >> reporter: as for how much liquid we should drink per day, experts say nine cups for women, 13 for men. and most don't. experts say by the time you feel thirsty, you're actually dehydrated. so keep sipping along the way. >> it is possible to drink too
5:38 pm
much water, creating a rare condition called water intoxication, but doctors say adding a couple of glasses before each meal is considered perfectly safe. heading back to the big screen. avatar special edition hits 3-d theaters friday. it includes nine minutes of new footage. movie executives say they have been inundated with the request to release the film since its original one ended back in march. the director james cameron said he is also working a 3-d version of his other hit film "titanic." if you have run out of ways to discipline your teenager. one father decide a punishment was necessary. >> kirsten laura -- kirsten losch knew having friends over past 11:00 p.m. was against the rules.
5:39 pm
>> not my smartest idea. >> reporter: what she didn't know was how her father would handle her punishment when she was caught. >> we wanted to get her attention and give her something to think about. and i think we accomplished that. >> reporter: he took out an adin the paper. under his daughter's picture, it says, quote, i'm in big trouble for missing my curfew, and my parents are making me provide 30 hours of free babysitting as punishment. my pain is your gain. so call. >> that was harry smith reporting. kristen says she has learned her lesson and won't have late- night parties again. >> and they said the parents would screen the families she would babysit for. buried alive. dozens of minors trapped hundreds of people aground. why the rescue may not happen
5:40 pm
for months. the investigation into what caused it all. i'm tim williams in the first warning weather center. in for bob turk. we're getting the rain out early in the weekend. the weekend looks nice. we'll have your first warning five-day forecast coming up. first, here's today's report from wall street. ,,,,,,, nch
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taking a look at a pretty calm and clear evening today. we're looking at your forecast for tomorrow. we are going to see showers moving into the region. and a bit more cloud cover than we had today. temperatures starting off in the mid-60s. we'll go up to a daytime high of only 72 degrees tomorrow. which means we stay in the 60s for the day. it will be damp. so definitely keep the umbrella handy. 86, 80 and 82 for thursday, friday, and saturday. overnight lows in the mid-60s. keep in mind that the average high now is 84 degrees. and the average overnight low is 64. so our temperatures really have started to take that shift heading toward the end of the summer. not too many 90s in there, like we've had in recent weeks.
5:44 pm
mary? >> all right, tim. and in tonight's energy saver, if you haven't made the switch to florescent light bulbs, you're still in the dark about how much you can save each and every year. a compact florescent light bulb uses 75% less energy and lasts about 10 times longer than an incandescent bulb. and it will save you $30 per bulb in its lifetime and pay for themselves in about six months. for more ways on how to be an energy saver, go to a fire breaks out. rescue workers say 1500 people could become trapped. 11 emergency planes were sent to the area to rescue residents and tourists. two houses and 20 cars were caught by the flames. fibers were still active today. the cause of both fires is unknown. trapped underground in chile.
5:45 pm
rescue crews discovered they were alive over the weekend. now they're finding ways to send food and water. joel brown has more for wjz. >> doctors in psychiatric experts are now on the scene in chile, where 33 men are buried alive in a collapsed mine. it could be christmas before rescue crews are able to get them out. families are camped out at the mine, too, waiting for a chance to talk to their loved ones. this miner's sister says, we are not leaving until the last one is brought out. crews have drilled a narrow shaft through almost a will -- a half a mile through solid rock. they're using it to send communications equipment and small capsules, containing foot, water -- food, water, medicine and oxygen. and now they're drilling two other holes to make sure they don't lose their life line to the miners. >> chile's president says she plans to ask the u.s. and others for help.
5:46 pm
but the state department says it hasn't yet heard from chilean officials. >> reporter: rescuers discovered the men were alive and well, 17 days after the mine clamped around them. now they're bringing in a huge machine, with diamond-tipped drills to open a hole big enough to pull the miners to safety. as rescuers start that process, there are new questions about the company that owns the mine. the san esteban company has been accused of safety violation problems. >> joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> the first capsule will include water and food in the form of high-energy glucose and gel. the tree that inspired and comforted ann frank as she hit from the nazis is knocked down. strong amsterdam trees. back in 2007, they order today to be cut down for safety
5:47 pm
reasons. ann frank mentioned the treat three times in her widely read diary. more tributes tonight. so cbs news correspondent harold dow. russ mitchell has a look back at his career. >> he was one of the most senior and most talented of our cbs on air family. >> behind me, a relative trying to find out some kind of information about their loved ones. >> harold dow had been a correspondent for the past two decades. in fact, he appeared in its very first broadcast, the critically-acclaimed 1996 documentary, 48 hours on craft street. >> this suspect did not look like a drug dealer. >> reporter: but harold was no stranger to our sunday morning audience. >> this is george right here. his name is george. >> and yes, he did name all five of his son "george."
5:48 pm
>> did you at that time feel in your own mind that they would let you go? >> and a broadcast that didn't benefit from harold's contributions. >> we came here to try to understand why so many people are being killed. >> reporter: harold won five emmy awards and a george foster peabody award. >> tonight, initial reports indicate that harold dow suffered a severe asthma attack while behind the wheel. check in with eyewitness news at 6:00 for all new stories coming up. a trainer killed. now, sea world is cited for serious safety violations after the drowning of a trainer during a killer whale show. also... i'm alex demetrick. coming up, as the fifth anniversary of hurricane katrina nears, a look at the helm. check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news at 6:00. >> all right, adam, thank you.
5:49 pm
>> eyewitness sports is next. this is mark viviano. the ravens nounced the return of one of their injured players. who is he? and how much will he be able to help? and for orioles, the pitchers talk about their latest struggles. that's ahead when eyewitness news continues. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? did the little piggy cry wee wee wee all the way home?
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all right. we have two preseason games under our belts. >> and two more to go. >> three weeks from tonight. the game is kept. >> finally. >> they're getting this team ready for that big event. ravens' defensive. got picked apart. even though the ravens won the game, concerns continue about their ability to stop the other teams from moving the ball so easily through the air. good news today. cornerback lardarius webb. having his surgically repaired knee. prior to today, webb had a practice on the side on his own.
5:53 pm
he talked about the 8-month process of getting himself back into shape. >> i don't know about heart. but it was hard work. just putting in all of the work i possibly can do. just being up here every day. it was hard waking up, coming up here every day. but it was easy once i got here to put the work in. because i wanted to be back. it just took a little time. >> the ravens don't know if webb will be able to play saturday when they play host to the new york giants. coach john harbaugh says the plan is to be careful with the comeback and not rush the return. to baseball now, it is a travel day for the orioles. they start a road trip in chicago against the white sox. pitcher kevin millwood got hit around. first inning. josh hamilton hammers the first pitch he sees to deep left center. it's a three-run home run. a 3-0 texas lead.
5:54 pm
they never looked back. took millwood beat for another three-run shot. those two homers account for all of the rangers run in a 6-4 orioles defeat. >> you gotta make good pitches to them. and you know, both grew. >> i know he'd love to get them back. but he shouldn't feel like those two guys are doing it to him. they have been doing it for a long time. he is allowing nearly six earned games. from the veteran kevin millwood to the rookie, steven strasberg. they say they will likely put the young right-hander on the disabled list again after he suffered a strained tendon in his right forearm while pitching saturday. it will be the second time he is put on the disabled list. he was recently shelved because of shoulder discomfort. coming up next hour, an
5:55 pm
emotional day at wrigley field for lou pinella. the long-time manager has a hard time saying goodbye. we'll hear from him on eyewitness news at 6:00. and a reminder, you can catch me on the radio tomorrow. a lot of football talk. and the orioles making things interesting. >> absolutely. you got two. >> thanks, mark. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. hate crimes in baltimore. i'm weijia jiang at central booking. with the latest attacks on a group of specific people. that's next on wjz eyewitness news. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00. food safety. more than half a billion eggs being recalled. hate crime. a baltimore man is charged with murdering an hispanic man. now issue the brutal attack is raising larger questions about criminals targeting the hispanic community. governor's race. an updated look at the battle for maryland's governor's mansion. and we're getting a break from the heat to start the week. but we could get a few showers as well. don't miss the updated first warning forecast. check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now.
5:59 pm
cause for concern. his panic man murdered in what police are calling a crate crime. >> tonight, growing concern about hispanics being targeted. here's what people are talking about tonight. that attack in southeast baltimore, the latest in a string of baltimore. teen charged with a violent murder. weijia jiang has more on the chilling crime that has an entire community on edge. >> for the first time, he spoke before a judge. though he showed no remorse for the hate crime police say he committed doing. >> newly released documents show this. jermaine holley beat reyes i


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